August Plan

My first-month update post. Here I’m going to list some things going on in my life and some of my plans for the coming month. Since I haven’t been doing these at all I’ve also decided to include a bit of background where needed.

Private Projects

I am almost done with the alpha version of so I’m pretty excited to get that online. This is a small app I’m making for the Zimbabwean market but it’ll be online so I’m sure international people can subscribe but that’s not the focus for now. I haven’t mentioned this before so I think I’ll write a post about it later this month.


This one is a bit further away than iBudget so so update as yet but I’m working with a team to get this fin-tech up and running, Nuf said.


You may have noticed that’s I’m now more active with my writing. I’ve always wanted to write but life happened so I always delayed. That changed recently and I’m now producing content for this site and others every day of the week. I’m also taking a dive into online marketing so this should be fun.


As usual, I have a number of books I’m reading and rereading. These range from technical books to fiction and the list looks like this:

I’m also taking a course on online marketing on Google Digital Skill.


Ubuntu Upgrade

It’s Ubuntu LTS Upgrade season. I’ll be moving my 18.04 servers to 20.04.1 this month, which should be done with all the cussing of a drunk sailor.

Guitar Sessions

Everyone knows I own a guitar, in fact, I own 2, an acoustic and an electric. Despite owning them for years I never got around to actually learning to play the damn things. Until the quarantine that is. For the last few months, I’ve been putting in a few minutes almost every day of practice. I’m no Carlos Santana, but I’m getting less sucky. I’ll record a video later with the current state of my skills.

All in all a pretty busy month.