Development Log

During my work career I’ve learnt to keep a diary of the things I do. It helps to document all the new things you encounter during your day, that way when you meet similar problems down the line you won’t have to start the research process all over again.

Currently, I keep all that data in a folder on my computer and I’ve decided to upload it here. I find it useful and hope someone else might find it useful too. I will place all articles in the Development category and tag them appropriately.  The articles will cover everything I’ve done and documented, and as such will touch on topics such as ABAP, Java, Groovy, Grails, Linux, System Administration, Networking, Hardware etc.

Although I try by all means to stick to standards and conventions, there are places and times I have deviated from the norm through both ignorance and willfulness. I will try to point out these times in the articles as I go.

Lastly please note that this is just a log on how I solved the problems or met my requirements at the time. Some of the solutions might no longer be best practice and if I know a better way I’ll mention it, on the other hand if you know a better or faster way to get something done please let me know. I’m always on the look out for new information.