I must be Insane

In my continuing quest to become a sculpted Greek god, I’ve started looking at alternative ways to exercise and unfortunately my search led me to this torture program called Insanity.

I'm to sexy for my cape
Only without the weird beard and better junk.

Insanity is a maximum interval training program developed by Shaun T, a man who I believe is an unrepentant sadist, which makes everyone who has gone through the program, myself included, incorrigible masochists.

I used to believe there was a limit to the pain that could be endured and that if I passed my maximum tolerance I would blissfully pass out, but thanks to Insanity I’ve discovered that I was wrong on both accounts. Over the last few weeks I’ve put my body through levels of pain I only imagined were possible and have discovered a disturbing fact.

There is an indescribable pleasure you get once you pass your maximum tolerance of pain… Voluntarily.

I honestly don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the thrill going to pushing your body to new heights or it’s the chemicals your body pumps out trying to keep you alive or it’s temporary madness caused by a maniac shouting at you to dig deeper while every fiber of your body is shouting at you to stop digging.

Whatever it is, it is so sweet that even though you know you will wake up the next day in total agony, you force yourself to the point of death the next day just for a taste of that pleasure.

Its kinda like sex, if it doesn’t hurt, feel dirty or make you sweat from places you didn’t know had sweat glands then you are doing it wrong.

Insanity also pushed me over the edge and I’m now finally addicted to exercise. I skipped two days and felt so terrible(not guilt, but actual physical withdrawal symptoms) that I actually kept sneaking out to do a couple of push ups, sort of like smoking very healthy cigarettes.

I’m don’t as yet have my ideal body but I’m getting there. I am loving the energy, zest for life and self confidence Insanity has given me and while I know I can’t totally get rid of 20 plus years of bad living in 60 days I am enjoying it and will definitely do it again after I finish my first round.