Interviews are stressful

So I had an interview today, I would like to say it went well but I’ll only know that when they get back to me. Fingers crossed. It was a quick call with two guys, who were awesome, followed by a quick technical test.

The first part was a general question and answer, how would you do “abc” if the scenario was like “efg”. That was fun and tested my knowledge a bit. I got through it without pulling my dreadlocks out so that’s something.

The second part was the tech part. I had to implement a simple function that did stuff. I don’t test well, because my brain blanked out, at some parts but I managed to get it all done. I’m not sure I can post the problem and solution yet. I have to check with them and if I can I will put it up here.

All in all a nice interview, lets hope I go through to the next stage.