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Code Corner: Triangles

For the last two weeks, I’ve had a bunch of interviews and code challenge tasks I was taking which took up a lot of my time. Add that to #DadLife and the result is two weeks with no content. The pressure is off for the moment so I’m picking it up again. So for today: […]

Code Corner: Nested Squares

Problem Draw three nested squares in html and css. My Solution Simple, you need three divs nested inside each other with a unique way of referencing them, the rest is done in CSS. I set the body to gray because reasons, there is really no need to do this. The first part is that all […]

Interviews are stressful

So I had an interview today, I would like to say it went well but I’ll only know that when they get back to me. Fingers crossed. It was a quick call with two guys, who were awesome, followed by a quick technical test. The first part was a general question and answer, how would […]

Code Corner: Counting Multiples

Problem We are given 3 numbers, a starting number A, an ending number B and an integer K, find the number of multiples of K there is between A and B inclusive. Source Example a = 6 b = 9 k = 2 Should return 2 My solution The ranges are irrelevant because this is […]

Code Corner: Bracket Matching

Problem Given a string with brackets check to see if the brackets are properly nested. Source Example [] = return 1 () => 1 )( => 0 ({)} => 0 ” => 1 My Solution Classic stack problem. Didn’t need to brute first. The idea is you create a stack and loop through each character […]

Code Corner: Max of 3

Problem Given an n-length Array of integers ranging from -1000 to 1000 find the largest product of three numbers in A that you can get. Source Example [-3,2,6,4,8] => 192 My Solution There are three basic scenarios that can produce the largest product: The largest three positive numbers The largest positive number and the smallest […]

Code Corner: 1-minute rule

So today’s task was so easy I’m going to do another one because I solved it way too fast. It’s really not that hard if you know some built-in data structures. Problem Source Given an n-length Array of numbers between -1,000,000 to 1,000,000, find the number of distinct values in the array. Example A = […]

August Plan

My first-month update post. Here I’m going to list some things going on in my life and some of my plans for the coming month. Since I haven’t been doing these at all I’ve also decided to include a bit of background where needed. Private Projects I am almost done with the alpha version […]

Code Corner: More Array Hijinks

Problem We have another array operations question. This time we are given two inputs, a number n and a 2d array of operations. Each of the operations has 3 values, a start index, an end index and an increment value. Source: HackerRank The task is to implement each of those tasks on to a new […]

Code Corner: Counting Operations

Problem Codility MaxCounters We are given a number n and an array A of length m where each value in A is less than n+1 and greater than or equal to 1. We have to create a function that executes two operations using a new array of length n with initial values 0. The array […]